Bowling etc


We went bowling today with friends (5 pin bowling, the one with the smaller balls)!!!  It was fun.  I’m not much good at it, but I don’t care.   That said, I did get a Strike on my last bowl (knocked all 5 pins down with one ball).

We then spent an hour at my friend’s house, drinking tea and talking while the kids raided the stash of home-made weapons and ran around the yard trying to kill each other (again).

The rawfood thing is going well.  I have stuck to it, except for the day we went out to lunch for MacAddict’s birthday, which I had figured into my plans.

My favourite breakfast is a green smoothie.  Well, it’s more purple after the fruit goes in, but this is what it has in it….raw almond milk (made in my soymilk maker with just the “grind” setting), 1 banana, 1 avocado, a splash of flax oil, a scoop of Barlean’s Greens powder, and some frozen berries.  Disgustingly healthy, eh!  It’s very nutritious and satisfying.  The avocado makes it very creamy.

I have been making salads every day, and enjoying fresh Medjool dates which taste like caramel (though at 12 bucks for a two pound carton they sadly don’t have a permanent place in my kitchen), and mashed bananas with raw almond butter, and guacamole with veggie sticks, and even a raw ratatouille.  I made Tai Chi Man cooked ratatouille for dinner, so I took a little eggplant, zucchini, tomato, red bell pepper and onion and chopped it up finely in my food processor with some Himalayan salt, and it was pretty good.  I also have a good recipe for raw date squares that’s better than baked ones (two of the kids like them too) in my Raw Gourmet book, so I made those the other day.

I haven’t felt deprived or starved or had any cravings for cooked food, and my energy level is good.  Ninja Boy and I had a challenging Taekwon-do class this evening where we started out with jumping jacks and pushups and then moved on to kicking pads for most of the class, at the end of which we were drenched with sweat.  I kept up easily with all those teen boys.  😉

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  1. Mmm… green smoothies! I’m a fan too, but have never tried it with green powder. I always just throw in spinach, kale, chard, or the like.

    Sounds like your raw food month is going quite nicely for you so far; best wishes for continued success! 🙂

  2. So, is the smoothie good? You never actually used the words I like it…

    My mum brings me dates when she goes to California. They are so much softer than the ones you get in the stores.

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