Gardening, knitting and thrifting


No photos to share with you today.   But if I did,  I might show you my tidier garden, in which I spent 2 hours yesterday afternoon clearing out a bunch more dead leaves and flower stalks from last year.  I am not a keen gardener, but I do make myself get out there in the spring and fall to do the basics and it’s worth the effort!  Tai Chi Man is the gardener of the family and he’s in charge of the vegetable patch.

It was a sunny warm afternoon and the kids even dragged themselves outside, so I set up the hammock between the cherry and apricot trees and they did their “schooly” reading out there.  They also had a little science lesson as they observed a caterpillar being attacked by ants!

After 2 hours of raking, wheelbarrowing and so on, I felt I deserved a little R and R, so I changed into my only pair of shorts (NOT flattering and only for wearing within the environs of my own property) and lay on the trampoline in the sunshine for half an hour.  The bleep of the kitchen timer dragged me back in as I had to bake some bread, then make dinner.

Today it rained.  I spent the morning helping a friend with computer matters, we had lunch at the deli in the local health food store (I had a smoothie, she had cashew mushroom soup) and then I hit the thrift stores.  Value Village takes a dedicated, child-free session – it’s as big as a department store and you really need time to browse.  I found tons of stuff, tried it all on, and left with a lot less.  A pair of lightweight pants, a couple of shirts and a green top.  And some flip-flops that are new.  And 6 beer glasses to replace the ones that I’m always breaking at home (not that we drink beer, we just like large glasses of water).

I was really hoping to find some skirts and shorts, but none of the ones that I tried on fitted well, so on the way home I dropped in at the Salvation Army.  Nothing there either, but I did bump into an old friend from the early days of our homeschooling group.

This afternoon, while standing at my kitchen sink, I enjoyed the view of the thunderstorm and accompanying rain.  We can always use more rain here – the Okanagan is only green in the spring – in summer the hills will be brown and parched again.  I think the mountains steal all the rain out of the clouds before they reach the valley.

I forgot to mention that last night, LATE last night, I finally sat on the sofa in my living room and picked up my knitting intending to do half an hour before bed.  Well, I knitted, I made sure the kids got to bed, I knitted some more, and because I was on this interesting section with short rows, and I didn’t want to put it down partly done, I kept on going until it was after midnight.  Next is 4 rows of garter stitch, and then the stockinette part for the upper front.  As I am mostly an acrylic-user, I don’t usually block things, but this is mostly natural fibre yarn (bamboo, cotton, acrylic) so I think I will block the front and the back separately, then check that I’m happy with the fit.  I’m always nervous about sweaters until they’re done…..and I think I will continue to be concerned about this particular sweater until after it’s first wearing and washing as a completed item.  (I will always remember that loosely-knit turquoise cotton sweater that I made 25 years ago that grew unpleasantly after finishing.)

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  1. LOL I think we all have “that” project somewhere in our knitting pasts. Wasn’t that an incredible storm? I couldn’t even see the houses across the street! And at that moment, John was at the grocery store. Luckily for him, it passed quickly and he arrived home mostly dry.

  2. I will always remember that wool sweater belonging to my OH that I shrunk down to toddler size! It’s nice to get outside, we have had sunshine today and my garden is looking tidier too. x

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