Nearly done


The front of my sweater is nearly finished.  I’m just a few rows from the shoulder bind-off now, but I put it down earlier so that I could enjoy a walk around the neighbourhood.  It was getting dark and I had a very peaceful walk, stopping to look across the lake at all the lights and appreciating the fact that I live in such a peaceful place.  (I suppose my recent reading of books set in Afghanistan and South Africa have made me realise how lucky I am to live in Canada.)

Tai Chi Man had a good workout today, hoeing the garden and digging out the compost heap.  He dug out the neighbour’s heap too, which is right next to ours (the wooden frame straddles the property line between our yards).  Our neighbour said she didn’t need it.  We had enough to make a good layer over the vegetable garden (which we measured today and I think Tai Chi Man said it was 32 by 25 feet, not counting the end where we have the strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and currants).

I helped him to spread the compost and rake it and I also helped a couple of mice out of the wooden frame that couldn’t get out by themselves.  I think we saw at least a dozen cute little brown mice hop out – they must have had a cosy home in there – but we’ve piled lots more stuff back in so they’ll probably be able to make new nests quickly.  No wonder we sometimes see the local cats hanging around down there!

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