I’m more than halfway through my raw month and I’ve had some temptations off the course.  Cooking dinner for my family every night has had me wishing I could share in their food, but apart from a couple of bites over the last three weeks I haven’t fallen off the proverbial wagon.

Another temptation has been an excellent cookbook that I found at the library this week.  It’s called Vegan Express and it’s written by Nava Atlas.  She has a website here.  I’ve just subscribed to her monthly newsletter.

Rarely have I found a cookbook that has so many recipes that I actually want to make.  Often I’ll look through the recipes in a cookbook and be disappointed, but I like the sound of most of these.  I have a long list of those I’d like to make after the end of the month! (I would rather the author didn’t use a microwave, but I suppose with the theme of the book being quick meals, she feels it justified.  I have a huge suspicion of microwave ovens.  They are only used occasionally in this book so it wouldn’t stop me buying it.)

Edited to add: I believe that eating a rawfood diet is the healthiest for our bodies.  It’s like putting Premium Plus gas in your car, giving it an oil change and washing and valeting it!  It just goes much better 🙂  This might be too much information for you, but every month at ovulation time I get a pain on one side or the other and  I swell up like I’ve eaten 10 pounds of beans, if you know what I mean!  Well, this month, it didn’t happen.  No symptoms.  I’m sure it’s the diet.

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