Into the Wilderness


No, I’m not going on a trip.  Well, maybe I have been on a trip this week – in my head at least.  You know what it’s like when you get stuck in a good book.

My vote for novel of the week is Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati.  Over 800 pages of compelling reading.  There are disadvantages to finding a book worth reading, of course – the main one is that you don’t want to do anything else and things like sleeping, making dinner and housework get in the way of what you really want to be doing.

Last time I blogged, I said I didn’t anticipate much knitting, but I did get an hour’s work done on the sweater sleeves Monday morning while I was waiting for the garage to take off the winter studded tires and put on the all-season ones.

And I did a little sock knitting while I was “on duty” at the hospital Wednesday morning.  There were quite a few visitors to greet and send in to the ICU and I also took myself off on a tour of the hospital to familiarise myself with the place.  Both times I have been at the hospital I have ended up with a bad headache for the rest of the day.  I don’t know what’s causing it.  Taekwondo in the evening helped me to forget about it.

Tonight was our club tournament night – we have some people coming from another town to provide some friendly competition once a month – Ninja Boy fought twice, losing the first time and winning the second time.  I thought I was doing OK against my opponent, a tall blue belt girl who I think was 12 but looked 16, but I didn’t win.  One of my punches caught her on the nose and she had a nosebleed.

Today is the last day of my raw month.  I am SO looking forward to tomorrow.  I have plans to make pizza for everyone, but Tai Chi Man and I will have a different one from the boys.  It’s a recipe from Vegan Express, the book I blogged about recently, and instead of tomato sauce it has a white (tofu) topping plus caramelized onions and yams.  I can’t wait 🙂

And a new blog that I discovered this week, recommended to me by someone on Ravelry, is vegandad.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he feeds his family and hoping for some good ideas for future dinners.

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