Times are changing.  The Taekwon-do club that Ninja Boy and I have been attending for the last four and a half years is changing its name.  The young instructor who took over the teaching from the owner of the club a couple of years ago is now going to be the business owner.

We’re moving to new premises on June 1st but we don’t yet know what the new name will be.  The club is quite small but the class sizes are perfect and there are many black belts to assist with teaching, though our third Dan instructor will remain the class leader most of the time.

Monday night, we had a tough core workout from which I was suffering (sore muscles) all day Tuesday and today.  I also had a headache all day today but I still went to class tonight because I knew that I’d forget about it while in class.  We had a very sweaty sparring session for most of the class, followed by some self-defence.  Three of our club members went to a seminar in Vancouver at the weekend and learned some “commando” type self-defence.  They are now passing on some of their knowledge, and one of them is going to be training to be an official instructor of this technique in the summer.

I could use a hot tub tonight however my ordinary bathtub will have to suffice.

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  1. That’s funny – the exact same thing happened here – we’ve still got the same affiliation – but the name has changed – and a younger instructor without the 4 stripes for Master – still – he’s doing a super job of working with Scout for his Black Belt (Poom)…

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