The sad fate of pigs


I was just reading today’s updates at, an excellent blog which I discovered recently.   Like him, I won’t be watching the video he posted, because I don’t want to be crying my eyes out either, but I am posting the link to his post just in case you feel brave.

Turns out that Egypt is panicking over the swine flu and trucking large numbers of pigs off to be killed.  However, rather than attempt a “humane slaughter” (an oxymoron, I know) they are filling trucks with live pigs, piling them on top of each other and letting them die slowly and burying them in mass graves.

Pigs are mammals – they are intelligent animals – I am so sad to see one more example of the lack of respect and understanding that people have for non-human animals.  The only benefit I see from diseases such as swine flu, bird flu, “mad cow”, etc, is that maybe more people will become vegetarian or vegan.  Oh, for a world in which EVERYONE is vegan!

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  1. I wish animals were never treated like that! I used to be vegetarian– I see no harm in eating eggs and cheese as long as the animals are allowed to be free and enjoy their life and are well taken care of! I think this is so, so sad. People shouldn’t allow fear to control them, but then, I’m afraid of lots of things too.

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