This is the time of year when we see clouds of pollen blowing out of the trees around here.  I never used to get “hay fever” but the last 2 or 3 years I have started to get an itchy throat/eyes/ears in the spring, and a few sneezes and a croaky throat.  It’s not too bad, not as bad as a headcold anyway.

I have also noticed a little bit of irritation after petting other people’s dogs and cats – again, not something I ever had a problem with before.

Yesterday, I noticed that the deck was looking dirty so I hosed it down.  The “dust” was actually pollen – I could see it collecting in the puddles as I swooshed them off the deck and onto the drive.

mystery bird

mystery bird

Can any of you tell me what type of bird this is?  It had the unfortunate experience of flying smack bang into my dining room window, leaving a few feathers behind in the process.  It’s very small, smaller than a sparrow.  From the tip of its beak to the end of its tail it’s about the same length as my index finger.

It lay on the deck for some time, panting, blinking and generally thinking, “What the f@#$ just hit me?”  I touched it, it managed to move a bit, so I just sat and watched it for a while.  Eventually the spark returned to its eyes and it flew off, seemingly unharmed.

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  1. That’s easy – it’s a concussed little yellow job.

    Strange though, when I spoke to the bird it was very polite and no bad language. You obviously taught it some new words.

  2. Forget what I said in my earlier comment. Check out this picture…

    It would be a palm warbler… figured I was on the right track, at least.

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