June is Strength and Stretch month


April was Raw month.  May was Feel Crappy month.  June is going to be Strength and Stretch month.  My theory is that announcing it here makes it more likely that I’ll do it!

My weight training program has been non-existent for about a year.  My yoga moves fizzled out some time ago.

Now is the time to get moving again.  It’s been so hot the last few days that I can only consider exercising downstairs, which works for the weights because that’s where my bench is.  The stretching I can do anywhere.

The summer program for Taekwondo means a slight change in class times, but we’ll still be training on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  A lot of students take a break for the school holidays, but we always continue through (especially as school holidays don’t mean a lot to us anyway).

Did I say we were finished our official “school year”?  We were done May 23rd.  The last reports were submitted for the two younger boys, the annual reviews done, and we’re having a rest from “shoulds” for a while.  The boys are free to do what they will.  I have cleared out the book cupboard, put aside some old Usborne books to give away, and rearranged the rack in the dining room.  We have a display rack that a friend was getting rid of – it’s a useful tool to keep things visible that otherwise would be forgotten about.  The art supplies are there; books on origami; a few Usborne puzzle and search books that we haven’t looked at for ages.  The last of Ninja Boy’s school funds were spent on a pack of coloured Sculpey clay and I’ll be encouraging the boys to remember their arts and crafts over the summer.

In case you’re wondering, we have a lot of Usborne books – I used to be a consultant, selling them at home parties, and I built up quite a collection.  I still maintain that you could homeschool your children using just Usborne books!

MacAddict, however, is struggling with Math 10.  He’s doing an online course with a math mentor.  I am doing my best to help him with it, but we’re only on the first unit and we’re finding it HARD! I left school at 16 (in Britain) after achieving a respectable 8 O-levels – I went on to a vocational college for a year and then found a job.  I suspect that this high school math that we’re working on now is the equivalent of A-level math, which I never did.   It hurts the brain!

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  1. What’s this online course? Max is going to start Chalkdust in the fall, all going well. It looks much more schooly (ie: mathy) than Singapore though. I feel trepidatious.

    I’m still on the hook for the ARs. Ugh ugh ugh. Hate those things.

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