Field trip

fire truck

fire truck

I can’t remember the last time we went on a field trip, but yesterday the two younger boys and I joined a group of other homeschoolers at the airport.

The tour included a visit to the security area in the departures hall, where the kids had fun “wanding” each other to see if it would bleep. We visited the fire hall, and of course kids and fire trucks are a natural fit!  See that gismo on top of the truck?  That shoots water – a loooong way.  The boys were able to use the joystick inside the cab to move the water-shooting-thingy around, and afterwards one of the firefighters turned on the water to demonstrate it.

water cannon

water cannon

However, the highlight of the tour for me was a spontaneous demonstration of police dogs.  While we were standing in the arrivals hall, a German Shepherd was searching around the baggage conveyor belts.  Turned out the police were training the dog to sniff out explosives.  One of the officers took us outside and introduced us to his dog, and then we were able to watch more training taking place in a nearby parking lot with other dogs.  We asked lots of questions and the police officers were happy to answer them.

Today we went to the beach and had a good time visiting with other homeschoolers.  The boys had their first swim in the lake – I sat in the shade under a tree.  The lake is icy cold at this time of year, which isn’t surprising as it’s being filled by creeks running fast with spring meltwater.

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