How green is my garden

lots of green

lots of green

I woke early this morning but I didn’t actually get out of bed early.  For a few weeks now I have been stuck into the Sara Donati saga which started with Into the Wilderness.  I just had to finish the fifth book, Queen of Swords, this morning.  It was published in 2006 and I don’t see any newer ones on the library catalogue.   Maybe I can Google her and find out when the next book is coming out.

Anyway, by the time I rolled out of bed, Tai Chi Man had been in the garden for hours, weeding, raking and planting out seedlings.  He decided that a lilac bush was encroaching too much on the vegetable patch so starting cutting bits of it out; found a lot of it dead; and ended up with a huge pile of stuff that needed to be cleared out.

I eventually went out to help him load up the van so he could take a run to the landfill site and while I was out there I realised that (a) there was some cloud around making it more bearable than the last couple of weeks, and (b) I couldn’t stand to look at the long grass for one more minute.  I had asked MacAddict to mow it a week ago, but I was still waiting.  So I just did it myself.  It takes an hour and a half if you go at it non-stop.  I only stopped to set up the sprinkler on a couple of dry patches and get a glass of water.

I love looking out of my kitchen window and seeing all this green.  I don’t have much in the way of other colours, but would like to put a couple of pots of annuals around by the front door.

quail's perch

quail's perch

This quail made me smile.  He perched on top of that little tree for a long time, as if surveying his territory.  We often see quail walking through our garden – we have no pets to scare them off – and I’m hoping that I’ll see a line of little babies at some point this summer.

Edited to add:   I just found Sara Donati on Facebook and it seems that The Endless Forest, the sixth book in the “Wilderness” series, will be published later this year.  Diana Gabaldon’s next book in the “Outlander” series is due out in September.  I will be hoping to be first in line for the library copies.  And is anyone else annoyed that they made us wait even longer for the movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?  It’s out in July, but it was delayed for about 6 months by the writers’ strike.  Bah!

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  1. A writer’s strike delayed HP? Argh. I wondered about that. I thought it was “final edits.” Dominic is counting down the days, daily. Gets a little tiresome every so often, particularly when he starts in on the twice daily countdowns.

    What a lovely lot of lawn you have!

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