Hmmm, seems like I’ve been a little lazy this week about blogging, but the more busy life gets, the less blogging gets done!

I’m sitting here with a stiff neck this morning – our Taekwondo classes have been getting more and more…shall we say…violent lately.  Our instructor wants us to get better at self defence – not the sort where someone grabs your hand politely, you do a couple of pre-determined moves and break the hold – but the type where you are grabbed anywhere by any one of a number of attackers and you get out of it by any means possible.  I have some lovely new bruises from Monday’s class.  It’s a lot of fun – many people wince when they see my bruises and ask me why the hell I do it, but I do enjoy it.

I’ve had a very sociable week.  Tuesday I met with a couple of friends for tea at a local chocolate cafe (which sounds lovely except that I doubt they had anything vegan so I just had a cup of tea).  We have a project that we’re collaborating on but I can’t say anything about it just yet because it’s in the development stage.

Wednesday afternoon we went to the beach.  The forecast was for thundery showers and we saw many threatening clouds above the mountains that surround the valley but it stayed hot and sunny the whole time we were there.  It wasn’t a big group of homeschoolers, but there were enough to make it fun.

I took my sock knitting, which I’m still remembering to take everywhere because I never seem to add to it at home, and I’m finally on the toe of the first purple sock.  I was reading a novel called Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton, in which the main character runs a yarn shop (but she also has magical powers and lives in a very odd town) and there were a few knitting related extras at the end, including a “star toe” for a sock.  It’s just decreasing at six points around the toe, alternated with two plain rounds, until there are only a few stitches left – no grafting.  So that’s what I’m doing for these socks, just to see how it looks.

Thankfully today I don’t have to go anywhere.  A day at home to potter, make some bread from the huge 20kg bag of organic wholewheat flour that I bought at the bulk food store this week, straighten up the house, check the state of the bathrooms etc.

Have a great day!

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