Sleeves of Doom!

wholewheat bread

wholewheat bread

OK, I’ll get to the “Sleeves of Doom” in a minute, but first here’s a picture of one of the loaves I made yesterday.   I like to make three at a time – it’s more practical and economical to bake three rather than one.  It’s interesting how I can buy organic wholewheat flour twice from the same bulk food store and get completely different results.  The last batch I bought was almost gritty or sandy in texture and made very dense bread.  This flour must come from a different mill or grain, as it is lighter with visible bits of bran in it and makes a loaf that rises more but is still quite moist inside.

"new sofa"

"new sofa"

This is my “new” sofa.  We have joined the ranks of “couch-on-the-deck” owners.  For the last few years, we had a swinging seat with some foam on it – I’d toss my big quilt over it each summer and we’d sit out there every now and then.  However the foam was disintegrating and leaving yukky yellow powder on everything, so we Freecycled the swinging seat (which was claimed immediately) and acquired this sofa from someone else on Freecycle.   I’m glad it’s outside because it smells quite strongly – not a nasty smell, more like someone cleaned it – so now I toss my quilt over this to sit on it.  Last night, Lego Nut and I sat outside for a couple of hours – I was knitting, he was reading, and we were waiting to see if the ominous clouds and gusting wind were going to come to anything exciting (like heavy rain or lightning) but they didn’t!

pinup queen "sleeves of doom"

pinup queen "sleeves of doom"

At last, I have a little knitting progress to show you.  I call these the “Sleeves of Doom” (stealing Ninja Boy’s favourite phrase) because they are taking so long and I’m having to force myself to pick up the knitting to get it done.  I managed another inch on these last night and then I’d had enough. I need to knit two more inches before I can start the cap shaping.  As it’s been so long, I should probably remind you that I’m knitting Pinup Queen from my Stitch ‘n Bitch book in elann bamboo fusion (copper).

purple power sock

purple power sock

I did finish SOMETHING, and it is this – the first of a pair of socks in elann esprit (african violet).  The star toe that I mentioned yesterday went well and fits nicely, and no grafting at the end.

It is SO tempting to start knitting something brand new and more interesting, but I know it would be better to just finish the darn sweater first.

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  1. Awesome colour on the socks. I envy you having an outside couch. I don’t think we could do that here unless it was waterproof.

    I’ve had the exact same experiences with flour! It’s so odd, isn’t it? I used Millstream flour because my mum gave me a sack of it, but it didn’t make very nice bread, and the pancakes were awful. It’s also very gritty. I’m not sure what to do with the rest of it because no one liked the bread made from it, much less the pancakes. Maybe a sourdough starter….

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