Board-breaking and picnicking


For once, we had a busy weekend.  Not just the usual grocery shopping.  But before I tell you about it, you really must check out this blog.  Here she is, telling us about what she did for Worldwide Knit in Public Day (which was on Saturday) and….well, you’ll just have to go and look…

Me, I took my sock knitting out with me on Saturday but I didn’t have time to knit.  Ninja Boy and I joined some of our other Taekwondo club members at a local park for a children’s festival.  Our instructor had booked a space so we could demonstrate our talents and recruit new students.  Every hour we’d do a quick warm-up, a pattern, some pad-kicking and board-breaking.  Ninja Boy’s speciality is a flying side kick over pads or people.

IMG_2681_2I’ve blurred out faces to preserve anonymity.  That’s our instructor there on the right.  And do you see those three people on the ground, being jumped over?  I’m on the right of the group! Ninja Boy’s foot has just split the board in the above photo.  The photo below is just afterwards, when he turned and jumped over three more people and broke another board.  In fact, he did three in a row.

IMG_2682_2Cool, huh!

So that was Saturday – dinner was late that evening.  On Sunday, dinner was at a local park.  It’s a beautiful place, right on the lake, with grass, picnic tables, sandy beach, and camping.  The thunderclouds were, once again, threatening, as they have on and off all week, but it was very pleasant down by the lake.  There was a cooling breeze which was a relief after spending a couple of hours slaving over a hot stove to get all the food ready!

Being vegan, I tend to overdo things when it comes to potluck-type events.  I assume that whatever anyone else brings won’t be edible so I take a lot of food.  I outdid myself this time – hummus and flax crackers, ratatouille, tofu loaf with ketchup, tomato salad, coconut and chocolate chip cookies, a huge bottle of apple juice, dill pickles and salt-and-pepper potato chips.  Most of it did get eaten.

The reason for the event was FOUR June birthdays.  Lego Nut is going to be 11 tomorrow, and my friend will be 75 later this month.  She suggested a picnic with some other friends who also have birthdays this month, so there was a total of 11 of us.  We had a great time, with good conversation, bocce ball, eating and even some swimming (the latter for two of my kids, anyway).

Good times!

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  1. Blurred out the faces? How technologically savvy of you. Is that a WordPress feature? Or something on your computer?

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