Lego Nut is 11


Yesterday was Lego Nut’s 11th birthday.  It was a low-key sort of day but we celebrated with ice cream sandwiches instead of a cake and Ninja Boy made him a cool card and he received two gifts…

IMG_2701_2Lego, of course, and…

IMG_2703a T shirt with a logo of his favourite computer game.  I bought the T shirt from Michaels and used a sheet of the special image transfer paper that you can  buy from there.  I even used Photoshop (which I am mostly useless at) to shrink the image somewhat.

He loved both presents.

<nostalgic sigh> I took a little time to think about his birth-day 11 years ago – the midwife, the castor oil, the labour, the home birth on my bedroom floor – the most awesome experience, avoiding that fraught transfer to the hospital and the institutional surroundings.  Just sitting there afterwards cuddling and breastfeeding our new baby, drinking tea and eating toast.  Tucked into bed with Tai Chi Man and the little 9lb newborn between us.

I am happy to be done with having babies and I appreciate the benefits of having older children now.   But it’s good to remember these wonderful experiences.

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