Vegans and their emissions


First, I want to smugly point you towards a neat little video on You Tube. It’s short but points out something important – that eating a vegetarian diet can halve the emissions of “greenhouse gases” compared to a meat diet, but going vegan cuts it further to about one seventh, and an organic vegan diet one sixteenth.  (Of course, this study does not take into account the emissions of methane that result from a high fibre diet!)

Our family falls somewhere on the scale between vegan and organic vegan – we eat partly organic.

Now, I should point out that I’m not convinced that human activity is causing climate change, but I am all for (a) a cleaner planet and (b) compassion for animals.

Now, here are some pretty pictures of some of the flowers I’ve potted up for my garden path – I love them and I feel good when I look at them 🙂 and hopefully you will too.




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