Perfect produce and pesky pests


Another post without a photo.  Sorry!  I know blogs look so much more interesting with a bit of colour.  I was going to get a photo of my pretty salads at dinner tonight but MacAddict had the camera and we’d started eating by the time he brought it upstairs.

We spent a lovely few hours on the beach this afternoon with friends.  It was so hot that we all went swimming in the lake as soon as we arrived.  Just dumped all the paraphernalia (don’t you just love that word) and cooled off.  Then spread out the quilt and toasted myself for a while and the kids played.

After we returned home, I cut a few lettuces for dinner.  They’re only small (the variety is Little Gem) so we can easily eat four for one meal, especially as we currently have a bottle of Little Creek dressing which the kids love (it’s expensive but if it means they’ll get some green stuff in them then it’s worth buying now and again).

While I was out there, communing with nature, I checked the brussels sprouts.  From my kitchen window, I often see pretty white butterflies fluttering around my vegetables – they might be pretty, but they’re laying eggs on my brussels leaves!  Aha, a photo, thanks to that site I just linked to…

cabbage white butterfly

cabbage white butterfly

I have been brushing tiny eggs off the leaves and picking green caterpillars of varying sizes off as well.  I hate to kill them but I really want to keep my plants healthy.

I picked a few sprigs of parsley and mint and made a tomato/garlic/parsley salad and a cucumber/mint one, both dressed with a little olive oil, lime juice and Himalayan salt.  They were very good.

And I almost forgot….we have both red and gold raspberries, and the red ones in particular are doing well this year.  I picked about a pound of them yesterday.

I really appreciate my garden at this time of year.

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  1. We were at a friends’ the other day, and the kids were all running around catching white butterflies, and one of them ran in and said “Dad owes me $1 now!” Apparently the dad gives them $1 to catch and squish them. (they have a big garden)

    So we came home and I offered them 5¢ for each one they caught and squished (I know, I’m the last of the big time spenders), but when it came down to actually squishing them no one had the heart to do it. And we have 12 white butterflies in the aquarium at the moment, awaiting a more ruthless heart.

  2. I too,love my kypos at this time of year, though we don’t have such a varienty of produce growing. Rasberries!! I’d kill for a freshly picked one!
    Himalayan salt, what properties does it have that differ to our sea salt?
    Thank you for visiting.

  3. In general we have had fantastic weather so far this summer, but over the past week or so it has changed and the other night we had a really violent thunderstorm, which was great for the garden and filling up the water butts. Because of starting my new job at the end of last year I didn’t get the time or motivation for growing my own for this year, but I have got soft fruits which have been bountiful, just like yours. I hope to grow a few more bits ‘n bobs for next year. My garden is always full of cabbage white butterflies. Have you ever grown nasturtiums? Where they love to lay their eggs, and then the caterpillars completely shred them to tatters! They do make a good companion plant and maybe this would deter them from your veggies? x

  4. What a beautiful photo of the butterfly. I have the same dilemma as you, to dispose of things that destroy, or not to destroy. I always feel they could be destroying the garden of someone who isn’t so in love with their healthy plants as I am!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if in knit)

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