the yarn has arrived


As I hoped, my elann yarn arrived today.  Nine balls of Pegasus and two of Esprit.  The natural coloured Pegasus is destined to be a Sun Ray Shawl.

The Sun Ray Shawl is a free pattern from elann, knitted up in wool or this yarn which is cotton/viscose.  The yarn has quite a sheen to it.  I chose the natural so that it would go with anything.   The pattern itself looks quite simple, though it’s a “top down” shawl and the initial set-up looks “interesting”.  I’m sure all will become clear as I knit.  And if I have any problems, there’s always Ravelry!

The periwinkle Esprit will of course be socks.

All of this yarn and the accompanying needles and shawl pattern will be coming on holiday with me in August, though I’m not waiting until August to start, as I’m currently “between projects”.  At least there’s enough knitting there that I won’t be able to finish it before my holiday!

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