the only way to cool off



It was too hot today – our little digital weather station told us it was 42.2 degrees Celsius for a maximum.  This afternoon, I took MacAddict out to buy him some new shoes and socks (size 13 feet, if you can believe it).  It was like walking around in an oven, especially in the paved parking lot outside the store.  Getting into a car that’s been parked in the sun is unbelievable.  Cooking dinner in a kitchen which is on the upper floor of a house with no air-conditioning is pretty uncomfortable too.  I had a big fan blowing air around but it didn’t make much difference.


So we headed here after dinner.  A little beach on our side of the lake which is known only to locals.  The water is always clear and cool.  And it’s in shade in the evening as the sun goes behind the mountain.  The mountain was a little singed as it was affected by one of the fires we had here recently and a lot of the trees were black.  (That’s not our boat in the top photo, but that is one of my kids!)

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  1. I talked to my Nicola last night and she was commenting how hot it was, something she hasn’t really experienced since living in Ontario. Here, we are probably getting BC weather!

  2. Where IS that beach? John and I are looking for a nice, private, quiet beach and haven’t had much luck. *sigh*

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