sunset on the beach

get it ripe

get it ripe

Before I enthuse about the wonderful beach day we had, I want to show you this recipe book.  It’s a library book – I put a load of them on hold at the library, searching for the “vegan” keyword of course, and most of them turned out to be very ho hum.  This one, though, has some awesome recipes in it, including the one you see in the photo.  Those are date squares, but they are made special by the addition of a layer of thinly sliced apple underneath the dates.  This adds a tartness which is just right.  The full title is Get it Ripe and it’s written by Jae Steele.  There is a recipe in there for a lime coconut cake with lime coconut “buttercream” icing which I am definitely going to make myself for my birthday next week.


On to today.  I had a volunteer shift to do at the hospital this morning, which meant dragging my butt out of bed early (7am, ugh) and going down there from 9 until 1.  Home by 1.30, rounded up the beach stuff, chugged down a quick smoothie, and ushered Ninja Boy and Lego Nut out of the door.


We arrived at the beach by 3, which was the time we’d arranged to meet friends.  The boys immediately found some other boys to play with and disappeared, spending the time either swimming, climbing trees, sliding, swinging or running around.  They would reappear every now and then for towels or water or food and then go off again.  I enjoyed three swims in the lake myself, and some sunning, and a lot of talking.  Most people left at about 5 but we stayed on – with Tai Chi Man and MacAddict out of town for work, we didn’t have to rush home to make dinner today.  Eventually it was just us and one other family, one with whom I have had many philosophical conversations, so we discussed some deep stuff while our kids played on.


I love watching the sun disappearing behind the mountain.  You can almost feel the earth move, it seems to happen so fast.


Once the sun was gone, we stayed a little longer.  I picked up a book, but I preferred to listen to the man playing his guitar nearby, enjoy the scene and be in the moment.  Finally I cooled off sufficiently to call the boys and head home.


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  1. I really like Get It Ripe too, I was lucky enough to find it very cheap at my local used bookstore shortly after it came out. We’ve made the portobello burgers, yummy!

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