birthday treats


It’s my birthday tomorrow.  I’ll be 47 (I don’t believe in being coy about it, I’m proud of my age).  I enjoy having birthdays, it feels special, even though we don’t always do much in the way of celebration.  Sometimes we go out for dinner, but when Tai Chi Man mentioned it earlier I said I wasn’t bothered (of course my response didn’t have anything to do with the fact we’d been discussing our finances 5 minutes before)!

He bought me a hiking stick that I liked from Lee Valley.  It adjusts in length, it has a rubber tip that comes off to reveal a carbide tip, a removable “snow basket”, a thermometer, a compass and a camera mount under the knob on the top.  I have yet to use it, but a friend is taking me for a hike on Tuesday so I will definitely take it with me.

Tonight I started on the edible treats – a bar of almond Cocoa Camino chocolate and a 500ml (one pint) container of So Delicious “ice cream”, a flavour I’ve not seen before – it’s made with coconut milk and the flavour is…cookie dough!  Awesome stuff, and no, I didn’t eat the whole thing in one go, it was too rich.

Tomorrow I plan to make the lime coconut cake from Get it Ripe as my birthday cake.  I don’t know whether the boys are plotting anything for my birthday, but a hug and a kiss will do for me.

I was sneaky today.  We have, as I’ve mentioned before, these unusual zucchinis in the garden and they are quite prolific (as zucchinis tend to be).  So today I grated up a large one and incorporated it into the tomato sauce that went into the kids’ lasagna.  Whoopee, that worked.  To be fair, they did also eat a fair amount of salad as we had some Little Creek dressing.  I also baked this chocolate zucchini bread.  It is very chocolatey, and even though they haven’t eaten any yet, I don’t think they will suspect that there’s zucchini in it.  Heh heh.

I have instigated a new system, effective tomorrow.  If it works, the aim is to get the boys thinking more about how they can be helpful around the house.  I have drawn up a chart and requested that they think, at least once a day, “How can I be of service?”  It can be something as small as noticing that the dining room table needs wiping, or the sink in the bathroom has toothpaste in it and giving it a swipe with a microfibre cloth.  When they have done something helpful, they can put a checkmark on the chart.  If there’s no checkmark by the end of the day, I reserve the right to give them a chore of my choice.  This means that if they use their heads, they will choose a helpful act before I choose one for them.

IMG_0472Here’s the latest on the Sun Ray Shawl.  I have finished another 20 row repeat.  The rows are getting loooooooooooooong now.  The top edge is approximately 1 yard/1 metre across so there’s still a long way to go.  I’m making good progress on my basic periwinkle elann esprit socks though (helped by a visit to the walk-in clinic yesterday with Tai Chi Man who had something wrong with his eye – the wait to see the doctor was made bearable by having my knitting with me – thankfully it was nothing serious, he has some eye drops and things are improving already).

So my week starts tomorrow with another volunteer shift at the hospital, with more pleasant activities planned for Tuesday and Thursday (hiking, lunch out, beach day).  And it looks like I’ll be spending a couple of nights in Vancouver the first week of September.

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  1. Hi
    Happy Birthday! I was wondering if you left out the eggs in the chocolate zucchini bread or did you use something else instead? Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I used soyflour and water instead of the eggs. My rule is 1 tablespoon soyflour plus a quarter cup of water per egg.

  3. Happy Belated Nicola! I’m so glad you had a lovely day, finances not withstanding!

    We just got back from holidays, where I spent way too much on things I don’t normally buy (newspapers, candy, etc) so I’m kind of dreading the credit card bill this month.

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