keeping active


1.  Week 1, Day 2 of Couch to 5K………………………..check!

2.  Weights workout………………………………………….check!

3.  Tennis after supper with the whole family………check!

That was an active day – it feels so good to be physically tired and to feel like my output exceeded my input today.

lime coconut cake

lime coconut cake

This is the birthday cake that I was raving about earlier in the week.  SO good!

making pesto

making pesto

A friend gave me a huge bunch of basil plants and I stripped off all the leaves – it made three cups worth, which was just right for the recipe I have for pesto.  I also shelled two cups of walnuts, though I only needed half a cup.  Can you tell that I use a lot of olive oil?  I buy it in cases of four 3-litre cans.  And that’s my new food processor there.  It’s smaller than the last one, but now that the kids are getting older and might possibly want to use it, I felt the need to replace the old one (a piece of plastic had broken off the lid and the machine would run with the lid off).

Tai Chi Man and I had soba noodles coated with some of this herby mixture for our supper at the beach yesterday.  Very tasty!

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