hot stuff



I’m trying something new this week.  A couple of friends have mentioned this book (above) and so I thought I’d borrow it from the library.  The conversation that led to the latest mention of this book was spurred by my compliments on my friend’s hair.  She had chemotherapy last year and all (yes, I mean all) her hair fell out.  When it grew back, it looked quite gray.  Now that it’s longer, I notice many colours in it and way less gray and it looks shiny and healthy.  She told me that someone had told her about this book and about not shampooing, so I read this book and have started using conditioner only.  The idea is that we don’t want to strip the hair of its healthy oils and pH, so cleansing is done with a tiny amount of conditioner and a scalp massage.  A second application of conditioner and a quick rinse to finish off, and a careful blotting dry of the hair.  Scrunch through some clear hair gel and air dry.

This book is written by a curly-haired hair salon owner who discovered the best way to care for her own hair and embrace her curls.   There’s lots of good advice in this book, though I don’t think I’ll be trying the avocado, banana or peach moisturizing treatments!

My hair has certainly looked curlier the last few days, it’s not been frizzy or flat, though I think I need to grow it out a bit, so I’ll be deferring my next haircut until I see the results.


On to knitting, and this has been my project this week – the socks and shawl have been neglected as these mitts have a deadline – I need them as a gift for someone I’m seeing at the weekend.  The free pattern is in the sidebar (Easy Fingerless Mitts).  Instead of the usual Marble, I bought a skein of Red Heart Collage from Michaels with a 40% off coupon.  I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise, as it’s $2 more expensive than the Marble.  The Collage is dyed to look exactly like Marble – if that’s not a copyright issue, what is?  However I find that the yarn feels a little thicker and rougher and I don’t like it as much. Sorry, Red Heart, but I won’t be buying you again.


These large bready looking things are called Spicy Soy Stromboli and are from a recipe in Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson.  I doubled everything because I expected my kids to eat a lot of it!  Each one is the length of a cookie sheet.  The filling is a mixture of garlic, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and tofu – the spice  comes from red chili flakes but I didn’t double the quantity of those as I wasn’t sure what level of spiciness the boys would be comfortable with.


I was amazed – all of one and half of the second were eaten up willingly with no complaints, and when they go back to the kitchen for snacks (as they undoubtedly will) later this evening, the second will probably be finished off.

I was wilting with the heat again today – it seems that in addition to 35 degree (celsius) weather, I now have my own internal furnace that turns on at will (perimenopause, anyone)?!  These hot flushes or flashes (depending on which side of the Atlantic you live) are not particularly frequent or extreme and I am keeping a positive attitude about them – after all, I’m rather looking forward to the freedom of menopause.  However, until the cooler temperatures arrive in the fall,  I shall have to make do with swimming in the lake and showering often (both of which I did today).

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