knitting and travel



This is the Calorimetry headband that I made this week.  As I mentioned last week, I didn’t manage to finish it before I went off to Vancouver for the weekend, but I had no trouble knitting the rest of it on the drive there (that’s the best thing about being a passenger).

I used the Red Heart Collage yarn left over from the skein I bought for the fingerless mitts.  It still needs a button, but when I have had a chance to go to the yarn store, it will be truly finished and I can send it off to its intended recipient.

I have finished my periwinkle socks so they’re tucked in my closet ready to wear.  That leaves me without sock knitting, but my simple knitting is currently a garter stitch scarf.  The Sun Ray shawl is languishing in my neat and tidy knitting bag (Lego Nut had a fit of tidying the other evening…he likes going through bags of bits of pieces).

Here are the rest of my Granville Island shots…


Kids’ Market



Harry Potter window display



The local brewery



and the hotel I stayed in. I bet you’ve never stayed in a hotel that has a brewery in the middle!  Below is the view, peering through the partially screened window into the brewery, right in the centre of the hotel.


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