big decision


Ninja Boy and I came to a big decision this week – we have quit Taekwondo.

We were finding that it was hard to maintain the motivation between classes – we were forgetting to practise until the last minute, and often we didn’t feel like even going to class.  When we got there, we enjoyed it though.

Being a black belt leads to certain expectations – that you will make TKD a way of life, that you will be committed to excellence, jump at the chance to attend seminars and tournaments, and help teach the lower ranks.

Ninja Boy and I weren’t totally comfortable with the teaching part, and we couldn’t always make it to tournaments.  When we did, I used to wonder why I put myself through all the nerve-racking performance!

I realised that it is very much an ego-based activity – being able to “show off”, fraternise with the other black belts, compare injuries (!), drop it into the conversation with non-TKD people.

And with the arrival of September, there were more expenses in the pipeline.  We had paid for classes up to November, but registration and insurance always comes up in September, Ninja Boy would have needed a bigger uniform, and there would have been the expectation of attending a tournament or two in the fall and probably testing for 2nd Dan in December, all of which takes money.

With all this spinning around in my head, I had an emotional period one day trying to sort it all out.  Obviously Ninja Boy and I had to come to an agreement – he said he’d go along with whatever I decided.  I emailed the instructor, giving him the news, and ironically Ninja Boy did finally show some emotion about giving up.  He’s such an “in the moment” boy, though, that the next morning he was fine.  He moves on…a good example to follow.

So now our dark winter evenings will be free, and I’m looking forward to spending more time knitting.  So far, that hasn’t happened, as I’ve been freezing peaches, running MacAddict to the store for new computer parts, and reading the 75 knitting magazines that a kind Ravelry member was giving away.  Reading about knitting and looking at patterns is a wonderful way to spend time, but it doesn’t actually make for any progress on the WIPs and it just makes you want to knit a bunch more stuff.

I was buying yarn at my LYS yesterday and the owner reminded me of the Tuesday Knit Nights, so I will be making an effort to go to a few of those again.  Life goes on….

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  1. Yes, that must be really tough, it is quite a big financial commitment, very best wishes though with everything and thanks for the inspiration anyway 🙂

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