spiders and fruit flies



At this time of year, we always find a few of these orb weaver spiders around the outside of the house.  They’re full of eggs and make huge webs (I walked through a strand the other day and it felt incredibly strong).  Tai Chi Man once again managed to get a perfect shot of this one – my attempts of a different one were blurry.


Maybe I should bring them inside and get them to eat my resident fruit flies!  This is a pretty effective trap though – put some fruit in a jar, make a cone of paper with a tiny hole in the tip, place it over the neck of the jar, making sure there are no gaps for them to escape through…and wait.  It’s friendlier than swatting them as you can take the jar outside and remove the paper cone and let them fly away (which is fine as long as you have screens on your windows – which we do).


Another quick baby hat knitted with Phentex Merit; you know, that cheap acrylic that’s about a buck a ball!

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