vernal equinox – it’s official


I know that usually the equinoxes/solstices land on the 21st of the month, but I have my own way of deciding when it’s official. Tai Chi Man has a digital weather station next to the bed and it shows me when sunrise and sunset are in Vancouver (the closest major city). Each morning when I wake up, I lean over and grab the unit and peer at it myopically to check the time, the temperature outside and, especially at this time of year, the sun times.

Today, I discovered, the day is exactly 12 hours long, so this is the moment when the earth hangs suspended between seasons.  I don’t do any rituals to mark the time of year, but I do recognise it, so I feel like I’m doing my bit!

Do you like this tomato that I picked in my garden yesterday?

IMG_0778Yes, that’s ONE tomato!

And here’s the latest quickie hat to use up some leftover Phentex Merit acrylic…

IMG_0790I made it up as I went along – if I did it again, I’d use smaller needles for the first part, as I’m a bit concerned that the garter band around the bottom might be a tad loose.  However I didn’t make this for any particular child so hopefully it’ll fit someone.

I read an excellent book this week – it’s called Casting Off and it’s written by Nicole R Dickson.

Beautiful picture on the cover too! A synopsis…

Rebecca Moray comes to a little Irish island to research a book on Irish knitting.  She has a daughter, Rowan, and many painful memories of her relationship with Rowan’s father. Rebecca is welcomed by the islanders, as they have heard so much about each other via her college friend Sharon.

This isn’t your typical knitting novel – no ladies running yarn shops here – but it incorporates the convoluted patterns of Aran sweaters into the story in a subtle way. Rebecca travels her emotional journey, trying to feel safe and not over-protect her daughter, and in the end…well, you’ll have to read the book.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Unfortunately I didn’t use a pattern but if I write it up I’ll put it in my sidebar. Nicola

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