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…just letting you know that I’m still here! I’m glad to say that we’re getting in to the swing of “lessons” on weekdays. I hate to call them lessons, actually, I tend to say “schooly stuff” more often than not. We’re focusing on geography and english – working through the book on North America and the one called Better English. We’re on Grammar now, talking about nouns, adjectives, etc. The Spelling part of the book caused some discussion, as of course Usborne books are mostly published in Britain and the spellings are often different from US spellings. Canada tends to use a mixture of British English and American English, so I suppose we’re in the fortunate position of having a choice when it comes to spelling certain words.

No jogging today, just some weight-training and mowing the grass. I had my hair cut too – I was thinking about letting it grow out but didn’t like it, so had it chopped again. I gave up with the no-shampooing thing – I didn’t like how my hair felt and looked (probably didn’t leave it long enough) so I’m back to the usual daily shower and shampoo.

Can’t remember the last time I picked up some knitting needles – it was before the weekend. I normally knit at the hospital, but The Birth House book kept me busy in between visitors for the whole 4 hours last time. I have two more shifts coming up – Friday and Monday – so will definitely take my knitting and work on my scarf.

Yes, I did say Monday, and as some of you will know, that’s Thanksgiving Day here. Not a big day for our family really – as immigrants, we have no family in Canada to visit with, and I’d rather not have to make huge complicated meals just for the sake of it. We’ll probably have a regular meal and I’ll add a dessert. I feel like it would be a nice idea to take some wrapped cookies along with me to the hospital to cheer up the family members who are having to visit their loved ones in intensive care.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, however you plan to spend it.

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  1. We have a quiet Thanksgiving too. That is usually the weekend when we put all the garden furniture etc. away for the winter. We usually get together with our daughter and family (other daughter is in BC) and have a combination of foods, turkey for the men and veggies dishes for the ladies.

  2. I’d imagine it is more accepted to use alternative spellings these days. I notice a lot of American use over here in the UK. My hair is short, easier to look after and I think it suits my face, as I get older! It’s a nice thought to take in the cookies and forgot to say I like the little hats too. x

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