a blustery day


Happy Monday morning everyone! It’s a grey day here in the Okanagan so I was fooled into thinking it was earlier than it really was when I woke up. It’s very windy too so I’m not in a hurry to get outside.

I’ve given up on expecting my dear son to jog with me every time I get the urge, so I went out on my own yesterday afternoon. Did I say we’d bought some bathroom scales? Big mistake! Now I’m obsessing on the number that I saw when I hopped on them. They were really bought for MacAddict, who definitely does need to lose weight, but the rest of the family were curious to see what they weighed too. Anyway, seeing that number has spurred me into wanting to jog more often (every other day, maybe) at least until the roads get too icy to do it safely.

I didn’t take a stopwatch yesterday, just followed a route that felt manageable, and when I got back home I’d been out for 40 minutes! That did include a 5 minute warm up walk and a little 60-step “getmybreathback” walk in the middle, but I was very satisfied with that.

I’m feeling somewhat smug that my weekly homeschool reports are in for last week, so I can forget about those until next weekend. My Learning Consultant at Self Design must get a bit bored sometimes with seeing two almost identical reports coming in each week – Ninja Boy and Lego Nut do most things together, so it’s hard to find interesting things that they learned about individually, though of course even when they do the same activity their own experience of that is different. I write about what they did and ask for their personal input each time so that the reports have more of a personal spin.

It’s housework day Chez Nicolaknits, so I guess I should get off this computer and get on with it. Maybe I’ll save my daily visit to Ravelry for this evening. I’ve just remembered I wrote out a “deep cleaning” schedule last week – well, I can’t really call it spring-cleaning can I! Anyway, one room or area a week will be tackled – yes, even windows and walls. What fun 🙂


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