happy crafting


I am an optimistic knitter. I take knitting everywhere I go, sure that I will sneak in a few rows somewhere. I didn’t manage any at the dentist this morning (just a cleaning today, nothing serious). However when the boys were busy at our homeschool outing** this afternoon, more progress was made on the top-down cardigan. I’ve finished two repeats of the cable pattern now, and considering that each repeat is about 5 inches long I think I’ll only have to do two more for the length I need.

I did extend the Denise cables around the bottom last night so that I could try it on. Tai Chi Man said it looked like a fisherman’s vest (how flattering). He means the ones with all the pockets for the gismos that fishermen need. Now there’s an idea – a knitter’s vest with pockets for all our stitch markers and darning needles and….. Hmmm, better not get carried away.

The fit is good, though the armholes are huge, mostly due to the increasing I had to do to get the right chest measurement. Never mind, I’m quite happy to have a large cuddly cardigan that’ll fit over other layers to keep me warm in my chilly house this winter. I’m still on the third and fourth balls of yarn so I’m feeling more confident that I’ll have enough to finish the project.

Here’s the first pink sock in all its glory. This is an unusual sock in that I knitted it toe-up, unlike 99% of my socks. I used Wendy Johnson’s book to make what she calls a gusset heel – you increase at the sides towards the back of the foot, and then do a nifty short row thing and end up with a heel that looks like a V. I do like it. Then I knitted 6 inches of ribbing, finishing with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sewn bindoff (which is, as promised, very stretchy).

This sock is a tad looser than I would like, though I can see myself wearing it over another one, which I regularly do with my hiking boots.

I have to confess I am considering … ahem … buying some socks. (Ducks and looks shiftily side to side.) One of my newer pairs came out of the wash the other day with a couple of holes. I suspect that jogging in handknitted socks, comfortable as the cotton yarn is, is going to wear out my socks faster than I’d like. So I think I need to buy some sports socks to save the life of my “good” socks.

And finally, a crochet dishcloth that’s basically a granny square. I haven’t crocheted in ages so it was fun to make this. The yarn is Crystal Palace Maizy – made of corn – which I received from someone’s blog contest a long time ago. I may give this away to a friend as a Yule gift.

** I just realised that I didn’t say what we did today. I amassed a large group of mums and children and we checked out the new complex in town – it has an indoor playground (tubes, tunnels, slides etc), a gym (trampolines, ropes, balance beams, soft shapes) and a climbing wall. My kids and I were the last to leave – we stayed for three and a half hours in all.

That’s Lego Nut in the middle of the photo and someone else’s kid higher up.



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