fuzzy hat


This is a cute baby hat that I made today. I made it just like this one – Knit Flat Baby Hat. At first I cast on 30 stitches but it was WAY too much. The amount I cast on makes up the depth of the hat, and this is for a newborn, so I ripped it all out and started again with 17. Once I’d knitted the garter stitch strip for the body of the hat, I picked up stitches along the side edge (47 in total) and decreased 5 stitches every other row at first, then after 4 decrease rows I decreased every row.

I used US10.5 needles (6.5mm) and two strands of yarn – Berroco Comfort DK in Cornflower, plus Needful Yarns Portofino (which just happened to be discounted). I bought these yarns at Art of Yarn after we had our Ravelry Sit ‘n Stitch yesterday.

The hat is destined for my neighbours’ new grand-daughter – we are house-sitting for them right now as they dropped everything to go to the coast when they received the news that the baby had arrived.

This was a fun distraction from the cardigan and the socks (and I did get some knitting done on the cardigan at the Sit ‘n Stitch, honest)!

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