random scarf 3


This is today’s machine-knitted scarf – The Browns. I still have some brown yarn left, unfortunately. I prefer this one to the green one I made last week, though I think I will be passing these random scarves to the Drop-In Centre for the homeless people rather than keeping them for myself.

Raw Diary:

I made another batch of those date/almond/coconut/lime bars today. They were so good and I kept to my plan of eating one every day, but they ran out on Saturday. I bought more dates and now I have another stash in the fridge.

The photo above is of something called Living Fudge! The boys thought that was kind of weird, to be eating something with “living” in the title, but it was a recipe from a rawfood book (can’t remember which one) which has coconut, carob powder, agave, vanilla and alfalfa sprouts in it, hence the name. I sprouted the alfalfa seeds myself and was able to make these little snacks today. I only made one third of the recipe to try it out – they were OK, but not the best “raw fudge” I’ve had.

I had a good walk with Tai Chi Man this afternoon and am feeling motivated to start jogging again in March. I feel that training for a short race would inspire me to work harder, so now I just have to keep my eyes and ears open for events happening in my city in the Spring.

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