not your typical sunday


Usually on a Sunday, I have a leisurely day, only leaving the house to do my health food shopping (because we get a family discount on Sundays). However, today was not a normal Sunday.

I started a new job today. Not very glamorous – it’s cleaning the offices where Tai Chi Man works – and it’s only 4 hours a week, but it’s a start. At least I don’t have to dress up for it, and it’s active so I won’t be sitting on my arse!

For this first day, Tai Chi Man came with me to show me where all the cleaning supplies were and to help me with the cleaning. Their last cleaner left 2 weeks ago so things were pretty messy and it took us 2.5 hours (5 “man” hours). Once I get into a routine, I’ll be quicker. The work includes cleaning 5 bathrooms, for which I am well-trained, having dealt with the mess left behind by three boys for 18 years!

My back was quite sore after I’d finished.

Afterwards we went to The Greenery, a garden centre that only opens for a few months every spring/summer. We bought some lettuce plants (Tai Chi Man is growing some from seed too), and flowers for our hanging baskets and pots – nasturtiums, fuchsias, lobelias, ivy geraniums, a petunia, and an ice plant (mesembryanthemum).

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours outside in the sunshine with the plants. It was hot. We lined our wire hanging baskets with coir liners, then rehydrated blocks of coir and mixed it with potting compost and Ogogrow.

The hanging baskets have the lobelias, fuchsias, geraniums and the sole petunia in them. The light grey pots hold the nasturtiums, and a terracotta pot has the ice plant in it. We’ve left them behind the house where they’ll get plenty of sun so they can get established for now.

We also tested the underground irrigation system. The sprinklers have the water blasted out of them in the fall using compressed air (so that they aren’t damaged by freezing) and it sometimes causes damage to the sprinkler heads, so when we first turn them on in the spring we have to check the heads, and make sure that each sprinkler is watering properly.

While I prepared dinner,  Tai Chi Man started on the taxes. The tax returns are due by the end of April and he’s doing it himself this year. Previously we’ve used an accountant. He left the computer long enough to eat dinner, and then had to go back and work on it for another couple of hours. Finally it was done and we’re due a refund, so that’s nice to know!

Dinner was a success tonight. The boys ate cooked vegetables! I made a tofu pot pie, making it up as I went along, trying to remember a similar pie I made from a recipe years ago. I added grated carrot and broccoli stalks to the gravy/tofu mixture and they liked it, even when I told them what was in it. 🙂

And here I am, writing my blog post (Lego Nut has a new iPod Touch and he has been looking at my blog on it and reminded me today that it’s been a few days since I last posted) and before I go to bed I really need to send in two weeks’ worth of homeschool reports to my contact teacher, because I sort of forgot last week.

Have a good week.

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