energy work


Crumbs! It used to be that the weekend was for relaxing, but it seems like I have things switched around. My week was moderately active – I took the two younger boys to their PE session on Thursday and then to the BMX track on Friday – I can’t remember what we did before that (c: but it wasn’t crazy busy.

Yesterday, however, I was on the go from start to finish. Tai Chi Man and I had to get out earlier than usual to do the shopping and the library trip so that I would have time to prepare food for a potluck supper. Being vegan, of course I take more than the average amount of food. Most people bring one dish – I take two or three. I have to be prepared for the eventuality that the only thing we can eat is what we bring ourselves!

This time, it was a vegetarian potluck (however someone obviously didn’t get the message and brought shrimp, though maybe they’re one of those people who think that vegetarians eat fish).

So I spent a couple of hours making an apple pie*, cutting up vegetables and making guacamole, and making a green salad and a jar of dressing. And I took a couple of boxes of shop-bought crackers too.

The drive for the potluck was a couple of hours each way…but it turned out to be worth it. We went to the house of some friends of Tai Chi Man who he knows through one of his regular groups that he meets with. Once everyone had arrived, Tai Chi Man gave a short intro on the Oneness Blessing, then went around and gave the blessing to all present.

After that, we had dinner. I mostly ate what I brought though our hostess had made an excellent lentil dhal too. And I almost forgot – someone else had brought some really ripe strawberries which I couldn’t leave alone.

The evening was just incredible. Two women had brought zero point energy wands with them (I just found that link – I don’t know if this is the same  company or brand that they were using last night). One woman drew circles in the air above my hand and I could immediately feel heat and vibration. Some of the people there wanted healing, so they took turns sitting in a chair in the middle of our circle, having the wands circled over them, while others beat drums and other musical instruments (Native American medicine drums). There was some chanting too. Very powerful energy.

Before we left, Tai Chi Man and I were invited to go into the circle and we sat with our eyes closed while everyone drummed and chanted. What an experience. I would be happy to spend more evenings in such divine (no pun intended) company.

We arrived back home after 11pm, but it was a while before we got to bed. I slept really well (the previous night I was wide awake between about 3.30 and 5.30am).

This morning, I had to go to my cleaning job. Last week, it was slow-going. I had to find out what needed doing, where everything was kept, I didn’t have a system so I was going from one end of the building to the other lots of times. This time, it went much faster.

Now I feel like I’ve been worked over! It’s a very physical job. I’ll be fine after a hot bath and another night’s sleep though.

Thankfully I don’t have any more commitments for the rest of the day, except for a log fire (it’s not really that cold but it’s still nice to have) and a Harry Potter movie on DVD. And hopefully a little knitting – I’m on the straight stretch of the body heading up to the armpits so I don’t need to concentrate.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, and I’ll come back and visit with you again soon.

* The kids were very envious of the apple pie and totally disgusted that I had gone to the effort of making one and they weren’t going to get any. But there were three pieces left over at the end of the evening so they did end up getting some, AND I’m going to make another one today. Note to self: next time, make two!

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