diamond yoke cardigan


One hundred percent finished. I wore it yesterday when I went out to meet my friend Jeanette for some “computer tutor” time and lunch. That made it easy to choose buttons in Fabricland as I had the buttonholes right on me for the sizing.

Not sure why that top picture came out so dark. Maybe it’s time for a new camera.

It fits really well. And I love the buttons (see closeup below). Now I have to go and update my Ravelry project page.

I think it’ll be an early night tonight – the whole family went to bed at 3am last night after going to see two movies at the drive-in in Enderby. Almost an hour and a half drive each way, two movies (How to Train your Dragon and Iron Man 2).   Cold (should have taken more blankets). I took a hot water bottle to bed to thaw out my frozen feet.

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  1. I like the pattern and the choice of yarn. I also very much like the buttons, as I have them on a cardigan I knit a few years ago. I always find choosing buttons can be a trial and it is always my policy to take the project to the ‘button’ shop to try them.
    It looks like you live in the Okanagan. I live at Comox. Happy Victoria Day weekend.

  2. Thanks everyone for your comments. I have replied to you all personally. I love receiving comments, and I like hearing from people when I have commented on their blogs.

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