good news


Yesterday when I dropped MacAddict at the airport, I had to trust that everything would be OK. I know that worrying benefits no one. It just makes you sick. The afternoon was spent doing my housework, which was a good activity for burning off excess nervous tension. I took a break mid-afternoon, put on my swimsuit, and baked out in the sun for an hour. The thermometer said 24 in the shade, but I think it was more like 30 (Celsius) in the sun.

The evening was spent knitting with the ladies at Kelowna Yarn and Needlecrafts. We even had three homeschooled girls join us (thanks to one of their mums publicizing knit night within our homeschooling group). I made sure to buy a little more yarn as Anne, the store owner, is having her annual holiday and the shop will be closed for two weeks. I want to knit a sock monkey.

I slept fine and woke up at around 7am. I had told myself to wait until 8am to check my emails for a message from MacAddict, but there was no way I was going back to sleep.  I got up and looked, but there was nothing from him at that time. I left the computer on and went and had breakfast. About 9am, I came back and at last, there was an email from him in my inbox, saying he’d arrived safely with all his stuff. The relief is unbelievable.

Life goes on!

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