elements armwarmers


I have named this pattern Elements for the colours in the yarn. I see ocean, earth, evening sky….

These took only a couple of days to make, from the evening of one day to the evening of the next. I used less than one skein of Bernat Mosaic acrylic yarn in the Ambrosia colourway. This yarn comes in 100 gram/3.5 oz skeins (191 metres, 209 yards). I used 5mm (size 8US) double pointed needles.

Even though I wound off a small amount of yarn to start the second armwarmer, my colour striping was about half an inch off so I didn’t get that touch of turquoise at the end of the second one. If you’re picky about them matching, take care to start at the same place in the colour change for both armwarmers, or, if you prefer, make them fraternal instead of identical and start them anywhere in the skein.

Elements Armwarmers

Bernat Mosaic or other worsted (medium) weight yarn – 1 x 100g skein – approximately 191m/209 yards

5mm dpns (US #8)

Designed to fit hand circumference 7 3/4 inches, wrist 6 inches, forearm 10 inches

Finished dimensions 7 3/4 inches at hand, 10 inches at arm, length 12 inches

Gauge 4.5 stitches to 1 inch over stockinette in the round


Cast on 45 stitches and divide them evenly between three dpns. Join in the round and start working Knit 4, Purl 1 rib. Place a marker in the first stitch of the round. Work 5 rounds total.

Change to stockinette (Knit every stitch) and work for 1 inch from the end of the ribbing.

Next round: decrease (by knitting 2 together) 2 sts randomly while knitting this round (43 sts)

**Knit for a further inch and repeat the decrease round,  trying to avoid decreasing above the previous decreases. (41 sts)

Repeat from ** three more times until you have 35 sts left and your work measures about 6 inches.

Now knit straight until your work measures 11 inches.

Thumb hole:

Bind off 8 sts, knit to end of round. (27 sts)

Cast on to your right needle (using knitted cast on) 7 sts. (34 sts) Complete the round with K1 P1 rib.

Work 5 rounds of K1 P1 rib. Bind off. Weave in ends.

Make a second armwarmer.

That’s it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this post.

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  1. Gorgeous! I’ve seen lots of people mentioning this new yarn on Ravelry, but I haven’t seen it in stores yet. I can’t wait until it’s in stock now.

  2. I am adding a comment to my own post. With wear, these stretched out quite a bit around my hand (wow, they are 10 years old now, and I still have them). It might be a good idea to decrease a couple of stitches at the final ribbing and maybe use a smaller needle to get it snug around the hand. What a shame that the yarn was discontinued so quickly. However I have some Scheepjes StonewashedXL which I think will be perfect for a new pair.

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