WorldTraveller may not have looked different when he got back, but inwardly he has grown. He is much more self-confident now. Today he went off to do some shopping – he bought a cabbage so he can try recreating the cabbage salad that came with every pizza he ate whilst in Sweden. This evening he went off on the bus (he needs to change buses twice) to get across town to Future Shop (electronics) and the bank and the health food store. Even though the bus that brings him close to our door doesn’t run after 5pm, he said he’d walk the last bit if necessary – he did a fair amount of walking while he was away, so it doesn’t bother him now.

He also is motivated to get back to driving lessons – we went out together this afternoon. He did really well, including hill starts, except when we approached a police check. I think they were checking for seat belts, but after he slowed down he couldn’t get his clutch control back and the car juddered like crazy. The police officer had a word with him, looked at his licence and L plate, and cheerfully told him to “give it lots of gas….and I won’t give you a ticket if you spin the wheels, this time!”

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