small projects


Last Tuesday at knit night, I bought some 100% hemp yarn with the intention of making a belt. I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting a thin strip with that yarn and it wasn’t looking as good as I’d hoped, so I ended up trying it on my Bond knitting machine. The machine didn’t like it – it kept dropping stitches.

So I used a scrap of a different yarn to knit a strip which I estimated to be long enough. At a coffee night with some homeschooling mums on Monday, I sewed it up and added a buckle and it was done. It’s pretty stretchy, but that’s probably a good thing! And it didn’t need holes as the spike of the buckle just slides between the stitches.

As it didn’t cost me anything, I don’t mind if it’s not particularly hardwearing – I know that I can myself a new one anytime. (The non-leather one I bought a couple of months ago cost $8, I think, and it’s toast.)

Since we have our new furniture and are trying to keep it nice, I used a little left over James C Brett Marble to knit a couple of coasters for the coffee table yesterday. They’re just mitred squares. The beauty of these squares is that they start out with 51 stitches and end up with three, so it feels like they go really fast. Two isn’t really enough so I’m sure I’ll make a couple more of these today.


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