sharks and tsunamis


I haven’t said anything before about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami affecting Japan. Only occasionally do I  get into serious discussion of current events, or rants.

However at my Tao Book Study this evening the Master showed our group photos from Kesen-numa which, it turns out, is a village on Japan’s coast which is totally devoted to killing sharks. Or should I say, WAS. It was wiped out by the recent tsunami.

Millions of sharks have been dying because of  the Asians’ desire for shark fin soup. It’s a delicacy, so I hear. Expensive. But what a waste.

We can never know whether it is karma that caused that village to be washed away by the ocean but it does seem to sort of balance things out – those people have been going out to sea and bringing back millions of fish to butcher them and sell their fins – and now the people  have been claimed by the sea.

In our book study, we are learning to observe things as they are, and not to call things good or bad. We are learning to accept responsibility for everything in our experience, because we are all one, so even though I am vegan and I never have eaten shark fin soup I have to accept that I am part of the problem.

In times of what appear to be catastrophic events, it does seem that human beings, whilst losing all their material possessions, rally together and remember what’s really important. A sense of community, compassion for others, these are what will get us through.

Our physical bodies are only on the planet for a limited time but our “selves” are infinite. Whilst in our earth “school” it is our job to remember who we really are – act from our Buddha nature and not our human-mind consciousness – and practise unconditional love, trust and non-judgment. We all need to awaken now and make the world a better place.

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