yes, i’m back…


I made it….for six days. I wanted my iPod Touch back, not for the games which I’ve hardly missed but for the easy email checking. I was also spending even less time with my husband, who’s been downstairs in the family room on the computer or watching TV, which I couldn’t do. I had 93 emails waiting, and that’s despite telling about a dozen people that I would be offline this week. Google Reader is showing 168 updates – all I can say to that is OMG!

Oldest son did well, considering how much of his time is usually taken up with screens. He did listen to music on his iPod, because he couldn’t give that up. He missed coding and was so happy when I said that the challenge was over!

Our house guest joined in and gave me his Macbook Pro to hide away and seemed almost reluctant to have it back today. He said time went much slower without it.

Middle son refused to do without his iPod Touch – couldn’t let his flowers die! (Flower Garden app.) He had to give it up by 11pm every night though, so I’m hoping he had some better nights sleep this week.

Youngest was fine though by the end he was missing playing Minecraft.

I did get more knitting done, and housework, and mending, and it was a worthwhile exercise. As a reward, we are installing a new faster internet router, so we all benefit. More updates soon.

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