live animals in keychains – really?


Have you heard about this? I was just reading Soapbox with a View‘s blog. Is there no end to the cruelty that humans can inflict on animals?

Little fish or turtles are being sealed inside plastic containers, doomed to live a short miserable life being bumped around in someone’s bag or pocket. This is just gross. If you Google “live animals keychains China” you’ll get lots of hits. Apparently (but not surprisingly) China has no animal welfare laws.


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  1. I hate the “one size fits all” approach to society now-a-days. Clothing companies don’t make clothes that really fit or are sewn well anymore. They make clothes as fast as possible using as little materials as possible, and if you don’t fit a “generic” size, you are out of luck. Food companies also exploit animals all in the name of “Cheaper, faster”. I have been disgusted with our society for a long time. I wish we all lived differently. I get stuck through on how to change it. I see the problem, but i don’t know what I, personally, can do about it. I only eat non-gmo, free range food. I try to grow my own food, but I am very inept at it (hopefully repeating my endeavor from my very failed I’m-going-to-grow-food-in-pots idea from last year…..might work this year? This year we are trying raised beds. ) I see society as just this machine, chugging foward, dragging us all under, and when you try to turn around, when you try to go against the flow and do it different, do it better, cleaner, greener, you get run over. Run over with laws about what can go where in my yard, laws about what I can put and how close it has to be or far from my neighbor….paperwork, zoning…..(we can’t have chickens…. I would love chickens)

    sometimes it just feels hopeless. but I keep going, because I don’t know what else to do.

  2. We vote with our dollars. Each day, the choices that we make gradually do change the world. Don’t give up!

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