two hikes in two days


We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. We made the most of our Good Friday and went hiking around a canyon nearby, and this afternoon we took another walk up to a waterfall a short drive away.

We stayed on the trail with the first one! If you don’t, you might end up falling 200 feet down into the creek.

My photos loaded out of order. Actually LegoNut probably took some of these; he got hold of the camera on Friday. Above is today’s waterfall. Below is Friday’s.

I love the reflections and patterns in this one…

If you look carefully, you will see some boys near the top right of this photo – it gives you an idea of scale. Yes, we did climb the barrier, and all four boys crossed the creek and climbed up as close as they could get. Only one got his foot wet on the way back!

Again, there are some boys in this photo – they are too adventurous to stay on the trail and had to climb this slope, just because it was there.

We watched a water bomber practising on the lake this afternoon…apparently these are “Ice Pilots” from the North West Territories (saw it on TV)!
And finally, our apricot tree is looking beautiful. I took this photo as the sun was getting lower in the sky. It’s been a pretty cold Spring and I’m hoping there are enough hardy bees around to pollinate the blossoms. 

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