happy canada day


It’s 11pm and we’re just back from watching the fireworks – very impressive!

Tai Chi Man and I christened the new kayaks this morning…

Here they are, drip drying on the lawn after our 1.5 hour paddle along the edge of the lake.

I like to see things from a different perspective, and there are many big houses which face the lake, with their terraced gardens and boathouses. The lake level is really high too – we had a larger snowpack than usual and a later thaw, so the beach has disappeared in a lot of places.

I’m glad to say that I finally got around to mowing the lawn this evening, as the grass was getting out of hand. We haven’t watered much this year – since we had our water meter put in, we’ve been even more aware of our water usage, and sprinkling the garden uses a hell of a lot of it.

We spent a couple of hours down at the waterfront this evening. Someone we know was playing in a band at 5pm and many of the teens from the homeschool group had planned to meet, so we enjoyed some music and the festive atmosphere. I don’t usually like crowds, but today was manageable, not too much of a crush.

Dinner was late and I had to make something fast. These new potatoes from one of the local farms taste really good – I add a sprig of mint from the garden when I boil them and it adds a nostalgic flavour from Jersey Royal potatoes in my childhood. The “neatballs” at the bottom of the pic are made with quinoa and almonds. They are a little dry so would benefit from a sauce of some kind. Here’s the recipe…

  • half cup quinoa
  • half cup raw almonds
  • handful of parsley
  • quarter cup spelt flour
  • half teaspoon salt
  • half teaspoon smoked paprika

Cook the quinoa. While it’s cooking, put the almonds in a food processor and grind. Add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor and when the quinoa is ready add it too. Mix. Using wet hands, form balls and fry them until browned.

And finally, this rather odd-looking shape is going to be a mouse. A friend’s daughter has a birthday on Monday and I am making a mouse from an old pattern that was in a magazine many years ago. The grey yarn is a mystery yarn from a pile I inherited when a friend had a clearout so I don’t know what it is. This is the mouse body and head – the point at which it narrows to one stitch is the tip of the mouse’s nose. I only have to knit arms, ears and a tail and then stuff it and sew it, so it should be easy to meet the deadline.

If I can keep my eyes open long enough, the kitchen needs cleaning up, so I’d better get off this computer!

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