knitting corner


This was my knitting spot of choice this evening. The corner of the sofa in the corner of the deck. It was pretty windy and I had to go back inside for a sweater and some socks (incredible for July) but until the sun disappeared behind the mountains I was comfortable enough.

This cute little mouse is a quick gift for a one-year-old. I call her Mai. She’s 6 inches tall. I can’t tell you what the yarn is because it didn’t have a label. I made sure to attach the scarf permanently because otherwise I’m sure it would get lost in the first 5 minutes of the girl playing with it! It’s from a pattern I tore out of a magazine many many years ago so I don’t have a link to that either.

This was the hat (that I made to match the recent Baby Surprise Jacket) in progress earlier this evening. I knitted the stripes first then picked up stitches along one edge and knitted the crown. I used my Knit Flat Baby Hat formula which is in the sidebar. It’s a great way of making a hat without doing a gauge swatch, although in this case I knew my gauge, having already knitted the jacket. This is a mixture of Marks and Kattens Carolina and Patons Astra.

And this was the back – SO many ends to weave in – the price we have to pay for colourwork!

And the finished result. I used blue for the crown as that’s what I had most of.

Two FOs – yay – and now I can go and tackle the oh-so-tough job of deciding which project to knit next from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves…

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