Two blissful knitting spots today – this morning while ds2 and ds3 were at their pottery class I sat outside an upscale coffee shop just around the corner from the arts centre with my friend, working on Rusalka from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves.

The pattern called for a silk/Seacell yarn – I’m using Filatura Brilla, which is cotton/viscose, and is working out perfectly. However it was a bit loose on the 3mm needles so I’ve gone down to 2.25mm. I don’t usually knit with such skinny needles but it’s only a small project so shouldn’t take forever.

This afternoon, I sat under a willow tree at the beach while the kids swam and that was totally idyllic.

Snacks at the ready…

Note the new little notepad on the right. The blurb on the front is “Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine” – I spotted it in Mosaic Books the other day and couldn’t resist. On impulse, I bought a second one for my friend that said, “I know I’m in my own little world…it’s OK, they know me there!” On the left is the cuff of the first mitt. The purl bumps creating the pattern against the stocking stitch will act as a guide for the bugle beads to be sewn on later, and there’s a row of eyelets for a twisted cord.

And a close up of the knitting. Do you see those little blue flower markers. I’ve had those for ages, possibly from a blog contest? Anyway, they are tiny and so I haven’t used them much, but they are perfect for this project.

I went to a raw food workshop this evening and almost took my knitting bag with me, but changed my mind at the last minute. Just as well – I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to knit anyway. It was a fun evening – I sampled raw ice cream made from frozen bananas, raw lasagne and “naked chocolate macaroons” made from raw cacao, cocoa butter, coconut and agave. Awesome!







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