rather belated photos…


…of Canada Day fireworks.

Ds1 took these on a time exposure with our DSLR camera. They came out really well. He’s quite the photographer.

Also, I’d like to brag a little. I have Bookworm on my iPod and over the course of the week I have been playing a game. When I get to about a million points, my technique is to try and avoid using the letters in the outside columns as there are fewer opportunities for using them. My previous personal best was just over 2 million. Today, the burning tiles finally got me, but my score was over 4 million!

The above screenshot was taken when I realised that I was totally screwed and I couldn’t recover from that burning U at the bottom of column 2.

And this was my final score. 4,299,530. Awesome! The game tracks the time you spend too – it took me just over 5 hours of playing to get there, but that’s spread over about a week.

We had an impressive summer thunderstorm today. I took the kids to their pottery “camp” this morning, we ran a couple of errands, and on the way home we could see the clouds gathering. By suppertime, we had lightning, thunder and torrential rain. Love it!

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