kinesiology rocks


Everyone should have access to a health practitioner like my friend Alexis. I’m not saying that we don’t need regular doctors, they are good for stitching you up or dealing with other emergencies, but for chronic conditions you really have to look at the whole picture….the whole body. Symptoms tell you when something is wrong. Treating the symptoms with a pill may make you feel better temporarily but the underlying problem is still there, like a ticking timebomb.

Consider my mum, who was having pains that the doctor said was polymyalgia. This led to steroids. This has led to other side effects, such as worsening asthma. If she had access to an alternative health practitioner with the sort of skills that Alexis has (and she might, but I don’t know whether I could convince her to research it) she might find out that a deep emotional problem may be causing the pains in her body. Treat the emotional problem and the pain will go away. ALL pain is caused by our minds. Our mind has control over everything that happens in our body, but of course it’s subconscious and therefore easy to deny.

Since I saw Alexis last time, I have had a very emotional time. The reprogramming she did for the grief over losing my friend last year and the Bach drops that I’ve been taking caused an intense detox, similar to fasting – headaches, muscle weakness, bouts of crying (I think my family would have been scared by one particular outburst if they’d been in hearing range)! But it’s so cathartic and often that’s the only way to get the crap out.

Now that one layer of emotional baggage has been stripped away, I can work on more. Today, Alexis balanced my endocrine system.  I just googled that, because I wasn’t clear exactly what the endocrine system did, and it’s obviously a hugely important part of the body’s functions, regulating hormones and such.

She told me my liver was storing the fat-soluble vitamins but didn’t seem to be releasing them again, so did something to fix that.

When we went back to the original issue I mentioned to her, that of wanting to love and accept my body the way it is, she tried to deal with it, but apparently my body threw up a brick wall and wouldn’t let it happen. I have a long-standing problem with my relationship with my body, which I already knew, and she says it seems like in childhood I somehow got the message that it wasn’t ok to want to be pretty.

I don’t like the word “pretty” as it seems so superficial. “Attractive”, “beautiful”, yes, but “pretty” … ugh! However my homework for the next few weeks is to look in the mirror every day and pick out something I love about my looks. I need to start softening up my defences so that when I go back for my next appointment she can get through the cracks and knock down that brick wall!

I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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  1. You are so right when you say that chronic conditions need to be viewed in light of the whole picture. I recently developed CFS and finally found out that I am dealing with Epstein-Barr and undiagnosed food allergies. Treating the allergies with diet will hopefully help me to cope with the EB virus and the symptoms of fatigue should subside. It’s going to take time though.

    I’m glad you’re dealing with your grief and that this new path is working for you. Hoping you have a straight road to peak health.

  2. two thumbs us, I wish I had know about homeopathic treatments and kinesiology years ago and am so grateful to have finally found healing. Never too late.

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