two of the staples of life…


…tea and knitting.

First, this…

…a home-made London Fog. I had heard of this concoction some time ago but had never tried it, until last week. OMG, I’m in love. I watched how the barista made it. Soy milk, Earl Grey tea and vanilla syrup. I knew I had to try and recreate that at home.

I used almond milk, though soy would probably be creamier. Heat it up in a saucepan, whisking it to make it frothy. Meanwhile, brew a small quantity of Earl Grey tea in the bottom of your mug for a few minutes. Add sweetener of your choice (agave) and a few drops of vanilla essence. Pour in the hot milk, whisking some more. You get London Fog, also known as an Earl Grey latte.

I am drinking one every day now!

I have mixed feelings about this mitt. Two evenings ago, I spent a long time sewing these bugle beads on, and also made two drawstring cords for the eyelets. The beads are dull, not shiny, and the colour is OK, but there wasn’t a lot of choice at Fabricland or Michaels.

Well, yesterday I had reason to go into a dollar store (I was doing the rounds of SPCA collection tins, swapping full ones for empty ones) and they had bugle beads. Packs of hundreds of beads for a buck! The vial of the beads in the photo was about $4.50 and I won’t have enough for the second mitt. The dollar store didn’t have any green beads, so I bought a pack of silvery blue ones which I think will work.

I have knitted the cuff of the second mitt so far. When the mitt is finished, I’ll see how it looks with the newer beads, and will probably end up removing the first set. Just as well the thread ends haven’t been snipped or woven in. I shall have to remember that dollar store if I need more beads!


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  1. I love dollar stores and can most often find a great deal in there on different crafting items. It’s always worth a look before the trek to Michaels.

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