i’m very pleased…


….to show you the finished fingerless mitts. It’s only been two and a half weeks since I started them, but it seems longer!

These are the Rusalka mitts, from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. Knitted with Filatura di Crosa Brilla (sounds so much more exotic than the stuff I usually knit with)! Cotton/viscose. Skinny needles. The beads took a long time to sew on. These silvery blue ones are from the second package that I bought from the dollar store after finding out that the first (expensive) vial wasn’t going to be enough for both mitts.

My next project will be something simple, with thicker yarn and needles, that’s for sure. 🙂

Another thing I’m doing is considering making bulky crochet projects for sale. I have experimented so far with a coffee cup sleeve, a wrist cuff and an iPod Touch cosy. I like how the coffee cup sleeve turned out. I made it to fit my ceramic cup – it was very simple. Adding a button would be a nice touch.

We had an At-Home day today, and at about 11am I was sitting at the dining room table in my dressing gown when a friend’s 13 year old daughter called to see if she could come over. Her mum was taking her little brother to a party and she didn’t want to go. In the 45 minutes it took her to arrive, I had to get the boys out of bed, wash some dishes, get myself showered and dressed, put away laundry, check the bathroom for acceptability…..actually, she did me a favour because I usually do my weekly blitz on a Monday, which means that by Friday things really do need attention. I even made cookies.

Ds2 and ds3 and their friend played Harry Potter Scene-It and then made some really weird self-portraits on their iPod Touches (where you take your photo and then distort it). When her mum came back to pick her up, she stayed for a cup of tea (London Fog of course) and a chat.

This is why I don’t like being over-scheduled. A spontaneous visit is a lot of fun.







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